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Introducing Birkbeck’s digital donor wall

This post was contributed by the Birkbeck Development and Alumni team

“Birkbeck was founded by philanthropists who believed that university should be accessible to all. Thanks to our generous former students and friends, this tradition continues, enabling our uniquely flexible learning opportunities and high-quality research to thrive year after year.”

Professor David Latchman CBE


The new digital donor wall in Birkbeck's Malet Street building

The new digital donor wall in Birkbeck’s Malet Street building

The words above, from the Master of Birkbeck, are proudly displayed on Birkbeck’s new digital donor wall. Installed this week in the foyer of the College’s Malet Street building, the wall is the latest platform created by the College’s Development and Alumni team to recognise importance of philanthropy to Birkbeck’s near-200-year educational mission.

In this handy Q&A, the Development and Alumni team explain what the digital donor wall does.


What’s the purpose of the digital donor wall?

The wall has been installed to publically thank the College’s donors and volunteers for their generous support. It is also for students and staff to engage with the content to raise their awareness about the importance of philanthropy to the College and also to show current and prospective donors when they come to visit the College.

How is this different from the previous recognition for donors?

It replaces our previous static donor board which was updated annually with donors’ names. Having it digital means the data is live. Therefore, as soon as a donor donates, their name will be listed.

Sounds great. What can we see on the board?

The first screen displays a list of all donors to the University who give over £1,000 by way of publically acknowledging their support. It also shows those alumni who have pledged to remember Birkbeck in their wills. The board also acknowledges the support of volunteers and the importance of this form of support.

The second screen displays eye-catching animations and text, showcasing some of the key projects we’ve fundraised for over the past 12 months. Throughout the year, it will also be used to highlight different events – for example, during our Telephone Campaign in April/May 2016, we will include live totals raised for the four-week period of the campaign on screen two during that time.IMG_1348

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