Mark Robinson, criminal barrister

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Mark Robinson


Mark’s work, life story, and support for youth justice charities and gang prevention programmes, help to inspire those facing the same challenges he once did and prove that a career in law is accessible to people from all walks of life.

After being raised in care in East London and getting in trouble with the police during his childhood, Mark left school with no GCSEs or A-Levels before embarking on a successful 20-year career as a dance DJ and music producer, which included presenting a show on BBC Radio1 Xtra.

Mark left the music industry in 2012 wanting more from life, before being falsely accused of assault. Forced to represent himself in court when his barrister couldn’t do so because the previous case he was working on overran, Mark’s experience sparked his interest in law and drew him to Birkbeck. He was called to the Bar just 18 months after graduating.


4 thoughts on “Mark Robinson, criminal barrister

  1. Tea

    ….hard work .., diligence and the foresight to know the difference ! wins the end of the day! Well done Mark., a great achievement but also., a significant achievement to Birbeck University to paving the ‘ impossible to the ‘significant possible!’ ..excellent and indeed incredible! Mr Hudson tony✈️

  2. Dee chaggar

    Well done Mark a true inspiration to mankind. I wish I could follow in your footsteps and aspire to what you went on to achieve
    A huge well done from me and wish I could do what you did


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