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The following bulletin is provided by the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network (BPSN) of which Birkbeck is a member. Our membership of the BPSN provides Birkbeck PhD students with an expanded range of training and development opportunities.

In this issue:
  • What’s New? Artificial Intelligence and First Mondays
  • Book Now! Courses Available
  • Did you know? Open Access Week
What’s new?

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Artificial Intelligence and Automation – Implications for researchers in the social sciences

11th October at King’s College London, Strand Campus (free to attend and open to all)

There is little doubt that artificial intelligence and automation pose major economic, political and societal implications. Join us for an interdisciplinary workshop featuring six presentations by researchers from a diverse range of backgrounds who will share their thoughts and findings on what these disruptive forces mean for democracy, political preferences, ethics, healthcare, public attitudes and social justice.

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First Mondays: Networking for Entrepreneurs

5 November 2018
UCL BaseKX, 103c Camley Street, London, N1C 4PF

Everyone is welcome at our monthly networking evenings. Be inspired by successful entrepreneurs and form lasting connections with peers that could help you start or grow your business.

Visit UCL Innovation & Enterprise for more information

Book now! Courses with places still available

9 Oct 2018: PhD Academic Career Planning – UCL Careers Workshops
By attending this workshop you will gain an overview of the process of academic career progression and develop an awareness of the personal qualities, experience and achievements needed to be successful.

9 Oct 2018: Facilitation: how to get the most out of your PPI activities
In this module, attendees will become familiar with skills and techniques that will help them involve patients and the public in their research in a meaningful way. These skills can be applied to any field of research.

9 Oct 2018: How to complete the PPI section of a grant form
This modules aims to give you the tools and knowledge to complete the PPI section of application forms to increase the likelihood of a successful applications. These skills can be applied to any field of research.

10 Oct 2018: Assessing student understanding with PollEverywhere
To provide digital options for tutors to assess the formative understanding of students following the transfer of information.

10 Oct 2018: A Beginner’s Guide to Negotiating – Careers researcher skills (employer-led)
The session will include and / highlight introductions to some important concepts in negotiation as well as conflict styles and why they matter.

11 Oct 2018: Data Protection and Research Data
This modules aims to give you the tools and knowledge to complete the PPI section of application forms to increase the likelihood of a successful applications. These skills can be applied to any field of research.

11 Oct 2018: Insight into Quant Finance, Banking forum with Barclays, Citi and more
Have you ever wondered about the Quantitative (Quant), Finance and Banking industry? If the answer is yes, then come along to this panel session where we will be quizzing a number of PhD holders who work in this industry.

12 Oct 2018: How to find patient partners, and keep them involved
This module is focused on finding patients/members of the public to involve in your research, and how to keep them engaged.

18 Oct 2018: IMLR Graduate Forum
This forum is run by and for graduate students from the Colleges and Institutes in and around London, working on any cultural aspect of those parts of the world where Germanic or Romance languages are spoken.

18 Oct 2018: Assessing student understanding with Moodle quiz or Microsoft Forms
This course will cover finding the Moodle Quiz creator inside Moodle creating simple surface level learning formative quizzes with instant feedback and developing Question banks.

20 Oct 2018: Research Projects in Modern Languages
An introduction to MOOCs, training guides, and resources online that can be useful for researchers. This session also looks at offerings from SAS and IMLR on the PORT website.

25 Oct 2018: Introduction to Public Engagement
his session will provide an overview of some of the pathways through which you can start to take part in public engagement activity, and the benefits that can be derived from doing so.

30 Oct 2018: Photography Workshop
This workshop will look at all aspects of a reportage-style photo shoot: making the most of shooting real people in real life scenarios.

1 Nov 2018: Using Social Media
We will discuss the benefits as well as the challenges of using social media when developing a professional online profile and communicating research as a PhD student.

5 Nov 2018: Writing Applications for Funding
Improve your knowledge and understanding of how to write a grant application, and maximise chances of obtaining research project funding.

This Bulletin provides course updates for all members of the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network.

Highlighted training opportunities via the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network (BPSN)

Current Birkbeck research students are able to access a wide range of training opportunities beyond Birkbeck through the Bloomsbury Postgraduate Skills Network (BPSN). The following opportunities are available via the BPSN in June and July.

27 Jun 2018: Finishing your PhD. What Next? Developing skills for your new step
The overall aim of this course is to help participants in the preparation for the inevitable recruitment interviews and to enable them to gain recognition as a productive and valued employee

28 Jun 2018: RLI – The art of conversation: tricks of the trade navigating the sciences
This afternoon workshop calls on post-graduate research students in the sciences and those collaborating with scientific fields looking to improve their networking and relationship building skills.

28 Jun 2018Fieldwork Safety & Security Training  
This training session will teach you to recognise potential safety threats, so that you can reduce your personal range of travel risks.

2 Jul 2018: Communicating & Presenting without Stress!
This is a dynamic interactive one-day workshop course, delivered by Professor Jo Tomalin, that will help participants learn how to communicate and present with joy – and without stress.

3 Jul 2018: Essentials of Academic Leadership  
This one-day course aims to provide postgraduate researchers with the foundations and summary of current leadership theory as well as focussing on their application within the University PhD research context.

3 Jul 2018: RLI – Women in Science
This event is designed to build on the recent finding by MIT economist Esther Duflo that the gender gap in education goals disappears in locales with long-serving female leaders in Government

4 Jul 2018: How to create your own luck
This course will introduce you to a wealth of recent academic research on the subject of luck and help you apply the resultant behaviours and principles to your research and career.

9 Jul 2018: Using Posters to Communicate your Research
The course aims to provide a practical introduction to academic posters. The course will cover context and audience, and will be framed around preparation, design and presentations

14 Jul 2018: Meeting the Challenge of the Part-Time Doctorate
An introductory presentation highlighting the aims and objectives of the session will be followed by group work and plenary discussions on specific challenges and solutions.

16 Jul 2018: Creativity, Spontaneity & Confidence in Presentations 
This is an interactive one-day workshop for all graduate research students who want to build confidence, and want to be more spontaneous when speaking, teaching or presenting.

18 Jul 2018: The Art of Teaching: Theatre Techniques for the Classroom
Theatre training is not only for actors, but it is also of great value to everyone – especially to those who require effective communication skills in order to give presentations, lectures, or speeches.

24 Jul 2018: Storytelling Skills for Teachers & Presenters
The workshop comprises a combination of short lecture, demonstration, and hands on activity.

30 Jul 2018Good Habits for Life
This full day workshop is aimed at any doctoral student who is so busy with no time to slow down and evaluate their work practice and life balance.