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This bulletin aims to keep postgraduate researchers informed of upcoming courses, events and opportunities in the Bloomsbury area.

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In the spotlight

Bloomsbury FESTIVAL
Taking place over 10 days from 11 – 20 October 2019 across Bloomsbury’s major venues and hidden spaces, the festival aims to amplify creative development in Bloomsbury, give a platform to its emerging talent and create interesting collaborations across arts and science.

For more information visit the Bloomsbury Festival website here

Book now! Courses with places still available

8 June 2019: IMLR Saturday Research Training Workshop: Before, during and after the PhDSAS
This course covers publishing in the modern languages; the PhD viva, before, during and after; organising a conference and giving a conference paper; applying for an academic job, writing CVs, interviews.

11 June 2019: Publication Workshop 1: Writing a Paper, Authorship Issues and Getting PublishedLSHTM
This workshop will cover what journal editors are looking for; authorship issues; conflict of interest. Input from journal editorial staff and academic staff.

12 June 2019: Conducting sensitive interviewsLSE
Sensitive interviews include interviews about emotionally difficult topics or deeply personal issues, interviews with vulnerable populations or research that could have negative consequences for participants.

12 June 2019: Wickedness in Academic Research: How to Avoid Becoming an Innocent VictimLSHTM
To introduce students to some of the complexities around publication ethics and research misconduct and how these can be navigated.

13 June 2019: Your PhDilemmas: One-to-One Sessions for Research StudentsUCL
PhDilemmas can help with work blocks, loss of direction, feelings of isolation, lack of motivation and time and project management.

15 June 2019: Meeting the Challenge of the Part-Time DoctorateUCL
An introductory presentation highlighting the aims and objectives of the session will be followed by group work and plenary discussions on specific challenges and solutions.

17 June 2019: Visualising Data (Level 2): Creating Charts, Dashboards and MapsLSHTM
To guide research colleagues on how they can visually convey their research data via charts, geographic data and dashboards.

20 June 2019: Animal Research: Critical, Challenging & Creative ThinkingUCL
We will consider how animals are used in research both within the UK and at UCL, as well as the broad spectrum of societal opinions regarding animal use in research and how research is communicated to society.

20 June 2019: Overcoming Writer’s Block for Research StudentsUCL
This full-day workshop is designed to provide an awareness of writer’s block for PhD students. It includes strategies to both prevent and unblock.

26 June 2019: How to get Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistance with your researchLSHTM
To provide staff involved in research activities with guidance on how to set up and use an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research assistant.

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