A new call for student-led training initiatives

expression of interest Deadline: 27 September 2019

Propose your own training initiatives

The BGRS is pleased to announce a call for current Birkbeck research students to seek funding and support to pilot training initiatives in 2019/20. This call offers current Birkbeck PhD students the chance to propose training that will benefit themselves and their peers and to develop and deliver them with support from the BGRS. Funding awarded will be used to support well-defined initiatives which will deliver training accessible to all Birkbeck PhD students.

Submit an expression of interest

Current PhD students are invited to submit a brief expression of interest by 27 September.

Develop a proposal

A BGRS workshop in October will give you the chance to consider your ideas in more detail and will provide you with the support needed for you to prepare a more detailed proposal by 15 November.

In developing their own training initiatives those awarded funding will be able to build professional relationships with other research students and staff, improve their organisational skills and meet the training needs they identified.

Further information and how to apply

Further information about this call and the expression of interest form are available below:

If you have any queries about this call for student-led training proposals please do contact the BGRS in the first instance

When considering your training ideas it is recommended that you look at previous events listed on the BGRS and BPSN timetables to see whether any similar training has been run before and to get ideas about the format and type of training that you think would be useful.

Flexible Working Space: Birkbeck Postgraduate Research Students

A new resource for 2018/19

During 2018/19 all Postgraduate Research Students at Birkbeck will have timetabled access to a flexible working space within the Birkbeck Main Building. The room provides space for desk based work for up to 30 people, seminar style events for up to 40 and side offices provide quiet working spaces/ meeting rooms.

Further details

Further information about this resource is available on the BGRS Moodle site, which provides details of how the space can be used including how Birkbeck postgraduate research students can book the space. Birkbeck PGR students of staff should contact the BGRS if they have any queries about access of usage.