CFP: Memory and Borders: Examining Nationalism and Identity Through Material Culture – Deadline 15 December

Call For Participants:

Memory and Borders: Examining Nationalism and Identity Through Material Culture

Borders, their effect and their history, have become a recurring theme of global politics today; Brexit and the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, diplomatic negotiations between North and South Korea and the history of the Berlin wall are examples of stories that have occupied discourse on the concept of borders. While nations may be a modern geopolitical category, their physical demarcations have had significant influence on the formation of memory and identity. Thus, to what extent are our shared or individual memories shaped or limited by borders? How do geopolitical boundaries influence a sense of national identity? What is the legacy of a national ‘border’?

This is a call for participants to engage in a workshop discussing memory and borders. Its purpose is to encourage cross-disciplinary discourse on the theme of memory and borders. Students, academics, designers, artists, philosophers, writers, journalists, filmmakers, thinkers and creators will come together to foster a conversation concerning the idea of the ‘border’ as a material or ideological barrier or impasse and the impact that these borders have on individual and collective memory. We will discuss ideas around the theme of “Memory and Borders” through material cultures, in a discursive format that includes work and research (-in progress) presentations, and round-table discussions. Abstracts of work, and work in progress can be based on, but not limited to, the following themes:

  • National identity and memory
  • Conflict and memory
  • Violence and trauma in memory
  • Material culture and memory
  • Materiality of borders
  • Nationalism, fracture, independence, identity and divisions through objects
  • Gerrymandering and democracy

Please send a (maximum) 150-word abstract to by 17:00 on December 15, 2018.

This event will be held on February 11, 2019 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK. Participants that will be selected to present will be compensated for travel (from within London).

This event will be made possible with the generous help of the Design History Society Outreach & Events Grant.

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CFP: ‘The End of the Experts?’ Interdisciplinary Responses to 2016 – deadline 25 June 2017

‘The End of the Experts?’ Interdisciplinary Responses to 2016

Nottingham Trent University, 6-7 September 2017

‘People in this country have had enough of experts’ – Michael Gove

End of the Expert’? is an interdisciplinary conference that invites responses to 2016, its build up, consequences, the questions it raises, possible solutions and aftermaths we are yet to face. Arguably, now more than ever we need forms of expertise to address the diverse issues that culminated in 2016. This is an appeal to show why expertise, in all its forms, is still relevant today.

2016 was a momentous year. Globally, significant events took place which altered our conception of society, politics, identity and culture. From Celebrity Deaths to Syria, Brexit to Black Lives Matter, Olympics to Elections, Referendums to Reproductive Rights, Healthcare to Hate Crime, Trump to Terrorism. This conference provides a platform for creative and critical responses to 2016. Which events led to this already infamous year? What are the immediate effects? What are we yet to see? How can and should we respond?

Papers addressing the broad themes of Politics, Identity, Culture and Society are encouraged. Topics might include, but are not restricted to:

  • Climate Change and Scepticism
  • Brexit
  • The Trump Campaign
  • Global Elections
  • Post-Truth and Alternative Facts
  • Fascism
  • #blacklivesmatter
  • Dakota Pipeline and Standing Rock
  • Conflict in Syria
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Mistrust of the Media
  • #bringbackourgirls
  • Olympics and Sporting Culture
  • Nuclear ThreatsHacking
  • Political Tensions in Turkey
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Celebrity Deaths
  • Migration and the ‘Refugee Crisis’
  • Feminism(s) and Their Backlash
  • White Supremacy
  • The Colombia Peace Deal
  • Impeachments: South Korea, Guatemala, Brazil and beyond
  • Trans Rights
  • Class and Capital
  • ‘The Establishment’
  • Murder of Berta Cáceres
  • The War on Drugs
  • Populism
  • Healthcare and TPP
  • The Orlando Shooting

Please submit contributions by 25 June 2017, via email to Questions and expressions of interest can also be addressed to Sabrina Moro ( in advance of the deadline.

Further information: see the attached call for papers OR the conference website

Best regards,

Sabrina Moro

for ‘The End of the Experts?’ organising committee

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Private View: RELAPSE Collective @ The Peltz Gallery 28th April

The Peltz Gallery has the pleasure of inviting you to the private view of our next exhibition.

Artist-run contemporary collective and platform for creative multidisciplinary exchange

28th April, 6-9pm.

1st Edition – Identity

Artists: Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Nikolas Kasinos, Dimitrios Michailidis, Penelope Koliopoulou

Curated by Dr. Gabriel Koureas, Birkbeck, University of London & Relapse

Peltz Gallery, 43 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0PD
Opening Reception: Thursday 28 April, 6 – 9pm

Artists Talk and Q&A with artist Maria Sideri: ‘Identity and Possesion’ 6-7pm
Free but booking essential –

RELAPSE collective is pleased to present its first exhibition, with guest artist Penelope Koliopoullou, under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus, Dr. Costas Kadis. The exhibition focuses on the concept of identity as constructed and performed through social rituals and its embodied visceral manifestations. We invite the public and artists to take a step back from themselves, and join us in a ritual of self-observation in order to open the work to collective authorship negotiated between performer and viewer thus reclaiming the constructs of our own identity. Created by artists Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Nikolas Kasinos and Dimitrios Michailidis, RELAPSE is an online community for artists working in various media. Beginning as an observation of affinities between their work, the artists came together to plan a group exhibition. The process led to the creation of RELAPSE. Placed within virtual space, RELAPSE is an explorer aiming to give artists from different disciplines and geographic locations, the opportunity to come together and produce collaborative work; an attempt to dissolve the limitations distance and boundaries impose upon collaborative artistic production.

Publication: Available at reception

Facebook Event
Press Release:

Opening hours
Monday-Friday: 10am-9pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm (Unless otherwise stated)

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Call for Papers: Birkbeck Insitute ‘Space, Identities and Memory’, deadline 11 March 2016

Space, Identities and Memory: Call for Papers

We invite postgraduate researchers, academics, activists, artists, and practitioners from across disciplines to contribute to the Birkbeck Institutes’ (BIH/BISR) annual two-day conference held from the 13th to the 14th May 2016.

This year’s conference theme seeks to examine the interplay between identity, space and memory, exploring the ways in which identities may be created, formed and informed by spatial and temporal contexts. In particular, we seek to examine to what extent identities are performed in response to political, social and cultural pressures, including historical circumstances leading to the construction of acceptable and unacceptable identities.

The conference aims to capture the complex overlaying of identities in time and space, and the agency of individuals and communities as they address their own complex understandings of the temporality of identity. Conversely, we hope the conference will highlight how space and time are influenced and shaped by everyday life, sociabilities, mobilisations and processes of subjectivation. In particular, we are seeking papers that engage with topics such as:

  • The built environment: how are housing, architecture, urbanity and concepts of public and private space harnessed in the self-fashioning of individual and communal identity?
  • Gender, sexuality and race, the politics of becoming and the deterritorialisation of the body;
  • ’Home’, domesticity and concepts of solitude and isolation across time and space;
  • Spaces of dissent and resistance: how is memory imbricated in public spaces as sites of encounters, direct action and creative practices?
  • Displacements and borders: constructing or disassembling boundaries from local to global;
  • Explorations in the use of maps, social cartography and critical geography;
  • Exclusion and inclusion in institutional spaces: how have institutionalised spaces cemented or challenged contemporary and past perspectives on identity?
  • Narrating the past: memorialisation, contestation and re-enactment
  • Innovative methods and approaches in the investigation of the intersections between space, identity and memory

Our first confirmed keynote speaker is Andy Merrifield. The conference will conclude with a round table bringing together activists, practitioners and academics.


This is an interdisciplinary conference, designed to foster creative thinking and new research agendas. To this end, we encourage papers from a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds that explore the interconnections of space, identity and memory.

We are particularly interested in receiving contributions from artists and practitioners in education, the heritage sector or related fields to participate in this interdisciplinary conference.



We warmly welcome abstracts for 20-minute panel papers. Abstracts should be between 200-300 words in length. Please include a short biography with your submission.  The deadline for submission of abstracts is the 11/03/2016. Authors will be notified regarding the acceptance of their paper after submissions have been reviewed and no later than 31/03/2016.

Contact Details

Please send enquiries and proposals to

For further information please visit the conference website at

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