Deadline Extension CFP: Dandelion Journal: Submissions Deadline 5 March 2018

For its forthcoming volume, Dandelion, the Postgraduate Arts Journal at Birkbeck, has a new Call for Papers on the theme of

b r e a t h i n g.

Deadline Extension Details


We would be happy to discuss ideas for submissions with interested authors prior to the submission deadline.

In its compelling role of binding the human being to life and nature, the figurative meaning of b r e a t h i n g  is endowed with transitive qualities. Inspired by a multicultural approach to wellbeing, the notion of breathing effects a plurality of approaches to ways in which meanings are generated.

B r e a t h i n g  is endowed with transformative qualities. While this theme immediately speaks to us about the air we breathe, the polluted environments we inhabit, and the changing climate we confront daily, it injects new life into ideas related to embodied worlds – be these experimental narratives, interactive media, expanded cinemas, poetic forms, and voice-works – among others. In forging interconnections amongst disparate and discrete, yet whole entities,  b r e a t h i n g  inspires our imaginary and appeals to the human sensorium.

In these ways, it promotes the union of the physical to the metaphysical; it raises questions of shifting spatiotemporal boundaries, and of partial erosion of the empirical constraints that we may experience as digital beings; yet, it also sheds new light on thinking about those constraints in liminal and interstitial ways.

For its forthcoming issue, Dandelion seeks to invoke a meditative journey through the symbolic, metaphorical, and metonymical interpretations of  b r e a t h i n g .

Topics may be related, but are not limited, to:

  • Body/nature
  • Ecosystem ecology
  • The Anthropocene: media ecology
  • Interactivity and the digital entity
  • Ecofeminist philosophy
  • Desire: feminist perspectives on gender and sexual difference
  • Perceptual realism: the sense of smell
  • Linguistics
  • Cultural tropes in film and literary genres
  • The liminality of breathing: between cinema and art gallery
  • The moving image in video / installation art
  • The posthuman / postgender
  • Landscapes of the imaginary
  • Dreaming
  • The art of breathing in the age of globalisation
  • Soundscapes

Submission guidelines

We welcome long articles (of 5000-8000 words), or shorter ones (of 3000-5000 words).
We also welcome reviews of books, films, performances, exhibitions, and festivals (of around 1500 words).

We also publish interviews that you may wish to conduct with an author/artist, and artwork including visual art; creative writing; podcasts, and video footage (up to 10 minutes).

We would be happy to discuss ideas for submissions with interested authors prior to the submission deadline.

Please send all completed submissions to by 5th March 2018.

Please also include a 50-word author biography and a 200-300-word abstract alongside the submission of the entire article/piece. All referencing and style is required in full MHRA format as a condition of publication and submitted articles should be academically rigorous and ready for immediate publication.

We very much look forward to hearing from you!

With very best wishes,

Donatella Valente

Jennifer Turner




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Dandelion Journal – Call for Editors 2017-18

Dandelion, the Postgraduate Arts Journal, seeks EDITORS to assist in the editing of the journal’s new volume. No editorial experience is necessary, although if any this will be considered an asset.

See the Call for Editors attached. Please do not hesitate to ask for any clarifications.

You can send your email to by Friday, 29th September.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Donatella Valente


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Dandelion Journal: Call for General Editors – deadline 8 May 2017

Call for General Editors

Dandelion Journal is seeking General Editors to join its editorial team.

Dandelion Journal was established in 2010 as a Student-Led initiative supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Journal. It publishes quality articles and reviews by post-graduate students and early career researchers from around the world; recent issues on Brevity, Ecology, Violence, The Commons, and Nostalgia have included contributions from researchers working in the United States, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. The journal also offers a platform for experimental and artistic work in its ‘Short Circuits’ section, dedicated to showcasing work not usually included in traditional academic publishing.

As a Dandelion General Editor you will have the opportunity to manage an issue from start to finish. This will include developing a theme and issuing a call for papers; managing a team of editors; liaising with contributors; copy editing essays; web publishing; and promoting and publicising the journal.

Joining the journal now offers an exciting opportunity to be part of the migration of Dandelion to the Open Library of the Humanities publishing platform.

We invite all Birkbeck School of Arts Graduate Students to join the Dandelion Journal Editorial Team. No prior experience of publishing or editorial is necessary as training will be provided.

We encourage you to send an email explaining why and how you would like to be involved and detailing any relevant experience you have and what skills you would bring to the journal. We are particularly curious to hear your vision for Dandelion, what innovations you would introduce, and what form you envisage Dandelion taking in the future.

Email applications to by Monday 8th of May.

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