LSE Literary Festival Discussion: ‘Fact versus Fiction? The Spanish Civil War in the Literary Imagination’, 24 February 2016

LSE-CBC Literary Festival Discussion

Fact versus Fiction? The Spanish Civil War in the Literary Imagination

Speakers: Prof. Helen Graham (Royal Holloway) and Eduardo Mendoza (novelist)
Chair: Prof. Paul Preston
Date: Wednesday 24 February 2016
Time: 18.30 h.
Place: LSE, New Academic Building, Wolfson Theatre

LSE Literary Festival Discussion

Marking the 80th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War, a panel of prominent historians as well as one of Spain’s most important novelists will explore the effect of the war on the literary imagination from George Orwell to the present day and reflect on the challenges of incorporating real events into fiction.

Helen Graham is Professor of Spanish History at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her books include The Spanish Republic at War, The Spanish Civil War: A Very Short Introduction, and The War and its Shadow: Spain’s Civil War in Europe’s Long Twentieth Century. She is currently completing Lives at the Limit, a set of innovative, interlocking biographies of five lives from Europe’s dark mid-twentieth century, all of which were involved in the defence of the Spanish Republic and its defeat in 1939.

Eduardo Mendoza is a Spanish novelist, whose acclaimed works include The City of Marvels, No Word from Gurb, The Mystery of the Enchanted CryptThe Olive Labyrinth, and An Englishman in Madrid. He studied Law and worked as an U.N. interpreter in the United States for nine years. Widely considered to be one of Spain’s leading contemporary novelists, he has won many literary prizes internationally.

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David Vilaseca Memorial Lecture: 10 November 2015

Tuesday 10 November 2015

David Vilaseca Memorial Lecture

From ‘Lives at the Limit’: histories against the grain – an unfinished dialogue with David

Speaker: Prof. Helen Graham (Royal Holloway)

Time: 6pm.

Place: Royal Holloway University of London, Picture Gallery

Professor Helen Graham discusses her forthcoming book Lives at the Limit. Its subject is Europe’s dark 20th century, explored through a set of signal lives which pass through the war in Spain (1936-39) and are transformed by it. The book’s themes of displacement and difference allow a reflection on how history can be other than a homogenising discourse or instrument of state or nation. By excavating real lives to reveal their own – and the century’s – complexity and multiplicity, history counters retrospective ideological tellings which shut down the past.

The lecture will be followed by a reception. Please see attached poster for details.

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