The Architectural Association presents: Pierre-Jean Giloux 21 October 2016

Pierre-Jean Giloux works with the ideas of the Japanese Metabolists who wanted to revolutionise the cities of the future along the lines of organic growth. They produced innovative architectural designs and urban planning proposals but their mega-structures remained unrealised. Pierre-Jean Giloux’s Invisible Cities reconstructs their architectural projects on video starting with images of real Japanese cities and moving towards new virtual forms. His four videos are mixtures of photographic and digital images and the sounds of four Japanese cities and their suburbs –Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Kyoto. He works with the composer Lionel Marchetti whose sound work parallels the pace of progressive metamorphoses of the landscape.

Pierre-Jean Giloux Details

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The Architectural Association Presents: Mark Lewis 28 Oct 2016

Mark Lewis is a Canadian artist who lives and works in London. His film and digital moving image works are frequently depictions of everyday life produced through the use of cinematographic techniques and they make subtle and often accidental allusion to the wider tradition of film, photography and painting. His most recent works include a series of films shot in the Korean DMZ and the film project Invention that imagines a contemporary city with no cinema or moving image devices. In this scenario, the city itself is the cinema, focusing on the intense concentration of moving bodies, shadows and reflections. The project culminated in a feature film entitled Invention which premiered at Toronto International Film Festival in 2015.

Mark Lewis – Invention

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