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We are pleased to announce the recent launch of The New Union, an online literary magazine covering all manner of interesting topics.

You can visit us at and now follow us on Twitter @the_new_union

Despite an overwhelming response to our first call for papers, we are still seeking guest articles for online publication.

We welcome articles on any and all literary subjects and genres, and from any period in history.

We also invite articles that look at current news, events, politics, etc and connect them with literary topics past and present.

Articles should be approximately 1,000-1,500 words in length.

The only stipulation is that every article must be interesting and unique. No dull, academically formal articles required! We want funny, irreverent, and witty articles (unless your specialist subject is death, in which case you are excused!).

We particularly welcome articles about unknown themes, writers, and texts.

If you have any short stories or poems that you would like us to publish, please send them in.

The magazine will also attempt to run a series on literary festivals and events. If you have been or are going to an event in the near future, please let us know what you would like to report on.

Email the editor with ideas and suggestions (

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