Work, Education and Workers’ Education panel, 25 April 2016

Date: Monday 25th April
Time: 7pm-9pm
Location: Keynes Library, Birkbeck College

Organised by PhD candidate Claudia Firth (Cultural & Critical Studies) in collaboration with PhD candidate Achim Lengerer (Fine Art, Goldsmiths)

An evening panel on the changing nature of work, education and workers’ education. The shift to Post Fordist modes of production and cultural and immaterial labour have changed our relationship to knowledge and how it is produced as well as changing the nature of work itself. With the increasing presence of work in education (for example through ‘employability’ training and work placements) it seems pertinent to ask questions regarding the relationship between work and education and the organisation of higher education itself. How have these relationships changed?  Are there models from the past that could be mobilised now? What might alternative models of organisation have to offer? Birkbeck College itself comes from a history of Mechanics Institutes in the UK originally formed in the 19th Century to provide adult education to working people so seems the perfect setting in which to ask some of these questions.



Stevphen Shukatis, lecturer at Essex University. His work includes writings on Autonomia, self-organisation, class (re)composition and cultural labour.

Mike Neary from the Social Science Centre, Lincoln, who currently provide free co-operative higher education. The SSC is run as a not-for-profit co-operative, and organised on the basis of democratic, non-hierarchical principles.

Richard Clarke – until 2012, was Senior Lecturer in Conservation at Birkbeck College and Director of the University of London Centre for European Protected Area Research. Will speak about the history of Birkbeck and models of useful knowledge and ‘self-help’.

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