Murray Seminar – Wednesday 28th June 2017

Our final Murray Seminar of the year takes place this Wednesday, 28th June at 5pm, in the History of Art Department at Birkbeck (43, Gordon Sq., London WC1H 0PD) in Room 114 (The Keynes Library).  As ever, the talk will finish by 5.50pm (allowing those with other commitments to leave) and it will then be followed by discussion and refreshments.  We hope to see you there.

Robert Maniura

Jaume Huguet, decoration and innovation 


Art in the Iberian peninsula in the fifteenth century is still neglected, especially compared to the Italian and Netherlandish traditions which remain the benchmark for the standard narratives of artistic development. Robert Maniura considers the output of Jaume Huguet, the most prominent painter in Barcelona in the later fifteenth century, whose elaborate and heavily gilded works conspicuously depart from these familiar patterns. He argues that his paintings reveal a sensitivity to and creative exploitation of his materials every bit as noteworthy as that of his more famous contemporaries.