School of Arts artist-in-residence workshop: Lily Hunter Green – 24 November 2017 7pm

The first workshop with the artist-in-residence Lily Hunter Green will take place on Friday 24 Nov, at 7pm in G10 (finishing at 8.30pm).

Lily is going to make the first workshop more of a conversation and ideas platform. She will showcase some of her work and also explain how other artists and scientists have become involved.

For this workshop Lily asks you to think of your discipline and/or strengths (e.g. music, dance, linguistics, feminist theory, experience in economics, sociology, teaching, psychology, etc.), and consider these in relation to possibilities for ‘hive’ activity. In this workshop Lily will introduce a series of interesting facts about bees and the ‘hive mind’, and as a group you will begin to imagine how it might fit within Bee Composed Live. For example, you may come up with the beginnings of a libretto, a piece of choreography, digital imagery, theatre, etc.  that reflect a hive activity.

The first workshop will just be lots of pens and paper and lots of throwing ideas down together. Thinking as a ‘Collective Wisdom’.

Please do email Lily ( if you are interested in attending the workshop.