Cinema Screening: Michael Crichton’s COMA – Wednesday 11th May

Four films exploring our darkest fears about objectification, fragmentation and intersection

Session 1:

Michael Crichton’s COMA (1978)

Weds 11 May, 6pm, Birkbeck Cinema

All welcome, no registration, admission free

The film will be introduced by Lisa Mullen and notes will be provided.

Review of the film:

“Crichton’s excellent adaptation of Robin Cook’s novel is one of the most intelligent sci-fi thrillers in years. Bujold is the doctor who, after a series of mysterious and fatal mishaps with patients going into coma for no clear reason, begins to suspect that something evil is being covered up at the hospital. A simple enough story, but one told in such chilling fashion that visitors to hospitals will never feel the same again. Careful to establish an authentic atmosphere, Crichton only slowly lets events spiral off into nightmarish Hitchcockian fantasy, while the fact that nobody will believe Bujold, attributing her suspicions to female hysteria, only serves to point up the patriarchal nature of the medical profession. See it and worry.”

– Geoff Andrew, Time Out