Artists call out: RELAPSE Collective exhibition at the Peltz Gallery Birkbeck

RELAPSE Collective will be hosting its first exhibition at the Peltz Gallery at Birkbeck School of Arts around the theme of identity on April 28th until May 19th. Artists are invited to submit their work. Please see bellow for guidelines.

Artists for RELAPSE Collective

Artists who wish to be part of RELAPSE Collective, can submit work for consideration at with the subject “submission”.

Please include:

– Your work (2 pieces max): images, sound, photography, video, text

– Brief description/statement: 350 words max, medium and year

– Biography: 150 words max, include country of residence

– Website

For video and sound pieces provide links only. All required information should be sent in the following format: ArtistName_Title.jpg/doc

New artists are added to the collective every four months.

The subjects explored at the annual exhibitions develop from the work submitted on the website and for that reason there are no restrictions on submission subjects/themes. Works published online are subject to a second selection process where artists are chosen for the annual exhibitions or accompanying publication depending on the subject, consequently forming the new ‘theme’. For this reason submissions remain open.