Developing Your Research Career – Research and the Media: 26 November 2015

Developing Your Research Career – Research and the Media: Spreading the Word

Thursday 26 November 2015 | 12.00 – 13.30pm | Room G04, 43 Gordon Square


Communicating research findings outside of the academic community to demonstrate its applications and enhance its impact is an increasingly important element of a researcher’s job. But what opportunities are out there, how do you craft messages for a wider audience, and how can you prepare for press interviews about your work?

This introduction to media work session will offer practical insights into the dos, don’ts, opportunities and value of communicating your work far and wide. It is for researchers who are new to media work, or those looking to refresh their knowledge.

Delivered by Birkbeck External Relations team members, this introductory session will include:

  • What makes a good press story?
  • An overview of the opportunities and platforms, from Birkbeck’s official digital and social media channels, to print, broadcast and online media
  • Crafting the message: extracting key findings and narratives from your study
  • Converting research papers into press releases and other communications materials
  • The press interview: how to prepare and what to expect
  • Real life Birkbeck case studies
  • Open discussion / Q&A opportunity

Presenters: Henry Rummins (Communications Manager) and Andrew Youngson (Media and Publicity Officer)

Organised by: Dr Wendy Earle, Impact Development Officer, Birkbeck

This workshop is open to Birkbeck PhD students and academic staff only – book your place here