14 Magazine: Contributing Editors and bloggers wanted

A new online magazine covering a wide range of subjects is due to launch in early 2014. We are in need of contributing editors (as well as regular bloggers) for a number of planned subjects/sections.

1. The first is our ‘Culture’ section, which will include subsections on:

– Literature

– Film

– Music

– Art/the arts/performing arts, etc

We require one editor per subsection.

2. Our ‘Creative Writing’ section will showcase original poetry, short stories, and other fiction.

3. ‘Events’ – Events covered can be anything that you deem interesting or worthy of discussion (literary and art events, gallery shows, plays/performing arts, political conferences, academic conferences, etc).

4. ‘People’ – This will include a look at the lives of people (living and dead) who you deem to be interesting or topical. It will also include obituaries. We also want to run a section looking at people and literature from other parts of the world, which we have tentatively called ‘Other Voices’.

Other sections include ‘Politics’ and ‘Economics and Business’. If your expertise or interest crosses into these subject areas, then we will happily consider you for the editorial roles. If you know of any politics or economics students who might be interested, please ask them to contact us.

The responsibilities of an editor will include:

1. Finding and managing writers/bloggers for your section.

2. Editing posts for publication.

3. Writing editorials/articles on subjects of topical and historical interest.

4. Liaising with the chief editor.

5. Other general management tasks for your section.

In terms of our political leaning, we are currently a small group of liberal postgraduate students who might be said to follow a socialist agenda. It is fair to say that we are not conservative or right-wing, and we welcome contributions from people who share our leftist, liberal views.

If you are interested in becoming a regular blogger or one-off contributor without the responsibilities of an editor, please also get in touch. We are also keen to start a ‘Podcast’ section and welcome suggestions for discussion topics. If you are interested in recording a podcast, please contact us.

The magazine is currently in its earliest stages, so if you would like to become part of our exciting project, please contact the editor for more information at newmagazine14@gmail.com.

Kind regards,
The Editor

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