Surveys, surveys – oh just go away!

Could you possibly spend a few short minutes giving us some useful feedback? If you’re like me, that question has only one answer: sorry, life is too short. So it’s a bit rich and no doubt very annoying for me to be pestering you students to fill out surveys about your Birkbeck experience. But, but, but, it’s actually really important that you do this. This is your education, your degree, something you’ve given huge amounts of time, effort and emotion, and, we hope, something that’s changed your life. You have to admit it’s not car insurance. And we really want to know what you think and what your reflections are on your time with us.  We regularly act on this feedback to tweak and improve what we offer.

The National Student Survey is the big one. It’s a UK-wide survey of all final year BA students, an opportunity to think back over your whole degree and experience here.You’ll all have been contacted individually about it – or if you can’t find the email(s) you can just go in via the link: A big thank you and pat on the back for those who’ve already done it. If you haven’t, please do it soon, and the pestering will stop I promise!

There’s also:


  • the Birkbeck Student Survey (opens 8 February 2018) – for all undergrad students, no matter what year you’re in
  • the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES – opens 8 February 2018)
  • the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES – opens 8 February 2018).

Again, you’ll get emails about these, but you’ll be able to get to them via this link:


So everyone has a chance to experience the satisfaction of saying their bit. OK, pestering over.

Other than that, term is well underway, marks and essay feedback are coming in (hope that was a pleasant and/or instructive experience!) and we have reading week next week. More next time I post on all our upcoming events!

Enjoy your reading week.


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