The London Screen Studies Collection (LSSC), housed in Birkbeck’s School of Arts, is an important archive of films and other materials related to the representation of London and more broadly to the history of film culture in the capital.

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British cinema has produced a wide variety of recreations of London’s theatre history. This selection of some of the most successful ranges from the Elizabethan playhouses, through Restoration and and Vistorian theatre, with a special presentation on 30 May using extracts from films that have recreated the forgotten fringes of British theatre.

Entrance to all the screenings is free. No need to book.

Term 3:
2 May, 14:00:
Shakespeare in Love (John Madden, 1998)
30 May,14:00:
Masks and Faces (Fred Paul, 1917) + extracts from recreations of 18th and 19th century London theatre. (Great Mr Handel, The Elephant Man, Chaplin, Champagne Charlie)
13 June, 14:00:
Stage Beauty (Richard Eyre, 2004)
27 June, 14:00:
Theatre of Blood (Douglas Hickox, 1973)