Birkbeck Cinema, 29th June 2018, 6:00 pm
Free entrance, book your tickets here.

‘Crafting Resistance: the art of Chilean political prisoners’ examines how craftwork made by political prisoners during their internment in the 1970s by the military regime led by General Pinochet has contributed to the mental health and well-being of those involved, particularly following their exile to the UK. The film engages with important issues around forced migration, well-being and resistance, showing how even in the most extreme circumstances it is sometimes possible to exert a degree of agency and demonstrate resistance. Given the longevity of the Chilean experience, the film illustrates how people live with the aftermath of torture and incarceration. The film is directed by Carmen Luz Parot and ex political prisoner, Gloria Miqueles and produced by Dr. Jasmine Gideon.

The film will be followed by a panel discussion incorporating Chilean ex- political prisoners.who are interviewed in the documentary – Cristina Navarette, Beatriz Miranda and Sara de Witt – and ‘second generation’ Chileans, like Cristian Peña, psychologist, who grew up with the legacy of the trauma imposed on their parents by the Pinochet regime.

Dr Jasmine Gideon is a Senior Lecturer in Development Studies at Birkbeck, University of London. She has been working with the Chilean exile community in the UK to explore issues of health and well-being in the context of forced migration. In 2017 as part of this project she co-curated an ‘Crafting Resistance’ an exhibition of craft work made by Chilean ex-political prisoners which was shown at the University of Warwick and East London. Her recent publications include ‘Gendering Activism, Exile and Wellbeing: Chilean Exiles in the UK’ in Gender, Place and Culture and she is the author of ‘Gender, Globalization and Health in a Latin American Context’ (Palgrave, 2014) and the editor of ‘Handbook on Gender and Health’ (Edward Elgar, 2016).