Memories and experiences

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the exhibition, and your memories or experiences relating to the exhibition’s themes. Please feel free to comment, or get in touch if you would like to share more information, by emailing exhibition curator Heather Tilley at

One thought on “Memories and experiences

  1. Norman R. Ball

    This is a wonderful online experience. Toronto is a long way from London, England so I doubt I will be able to see it at Birkbeck University. However, the online version is a very fine example of how to put a physical exhibit into online form. Congratulations and sincere thanks to Dr. Tilley and all involved.

    The exhibit is very useful for my research on a book I am writing on nineteenth century typewriters. I have a special interest in typewriters for the blind and other ways of assisting their communications. The exhibit was brought to my attention by colleagues at both the Musée Louis Braille in Coupvray and the National Braille Press in Boston.

    As a historian of technology whose work is strongly driven by social impact and relations I have found Touching the Book most illuminating and look forward to learning more from future postings and communicating with other interested individuals or institutions.


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