Grange Cavern Military Museum

Grange Cavern Military Museum

The Grange Cavern Military Museum was housed in a limestone cavern near Holywell, Flintshire. The cavern was excavated in the 19th century and taken over by the Ministry of Defence at the beginning of the Second World War. Eleven thousand tons of bombs were stored there including the bouncing bombs of Dambusters fame. The cavern housed over forty military vehicles and a large collection of medals.  It closed around 1989.

Images via Historic Military Vehicle Forum and The Home Front Museum.

9 thoughts on “Grange Cavern Military Museum”

  1. I visited the Grange cavern museum as a young boy with my parents, I loved the displays and the setting.

    I often wonder what happened to all the display items and vehicles etc….?

    Douglas Brown

  2. I too visited the museum in the early eighties. The one story I remember from the record displays was the story of a 14 year old drummer boy.
    After his platoon was nigh on wiped out in one battle during the peninsular wars and he was promoted to colour sergeant. A couple of weeks later he was demoted to Corporal after being drunk and fighting in a tavern.

  3. I went there with my parents 30 odd years ago, from a vague memory I enjoyed the visit and found it very interesting. Any pictures would be appreciated.

  4. Went with Cubs in the early eighties, my dad also had some small items on loan to them, I went back with him to pick them up after the museum shut.

  5. Moved to Hollywell 1971 till 1994, always wanted to visit the Museum but never did. Amazing how we travel miles to visit different attractions and don’t bother with what’s on your doorstep.

  6. Just found a Souvenir Guide for the Grange Cavern while packing up books. Visited in the 80’s with my family as a teenager and loved it. Just found this site as I was wondering whatever happened to it and the collection. Such a shame.

  7. My old fella was a low loader driver who helped move all the kit and vehicles out when they shut in 89 … happy memories of visiting this place as a child.

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