Birkbeck Cinema, Friday 23rd November 2018: 18:00 – 21:00
Free entrance, book your tickets here.

Alan Warburton – Terminal Worlds and Alt.Simulations

A screening/lecture in which artist and designer Alan Warburton discusses the evolving algorithms, functions, features and workflows of CGI software. Warburton examines the (photo)realistic simulations and worldbuilding paradigms of the CGI industry, as well the artists seeking to critically deconstruct and repurpose this technology to produce alternative simulations and terminal worlds.

Vasari Research Centre for Art and Technology

Sited in the heart of London’s media district, the Vasari Research Centre has a range of unique connections to other media research institutions, to large and small museums and galleries, and to the creative industries that flourish in this area.

It is also an international centre with strong links to researchers and centres in the USA, the Far East and Europe, and hosts a lively cycle of symposia and conferences to strengthen these ties.

Digital technologies and devices relevant to the research and study, as well as production and exhibiting, of the arts continue to evolve. The centre plays an increasingly pivotal role in integrating digital research and providing specialist support. It maintains and digitizes important analogue material, assists and initiates funding applications and is currently examining the emerging area of 3D scanning and reconstruction in Museums, Galleries and Higher Education as well as the development of Open Educational Resources in the Arts. The equipment and systems in the Vasari provides useful experience and training to many students and interns.