This lively and exciting strand of programming is curated by Tim J. Smith and his colleagues in the Department of Psychological Sciences. Although Tim’s personal research expertise lies mainly in the field of cognitive psychology, particularly related to visual cognition – and therefore he occasionally threatens to wire up our brains to monitor us while we’re watching movies – the aim of the Sci/Film strand is to stimulate debate about science generally, and about the perception and understanding of science in the wider culture, through the screening of feature films related to scientific topics, combined with presentations by key experts and discussion with the BIMI audience.

Tim draws on his vast knowledge of popular cinema past and present, and an extensive network of top-quality scientific researchers, to foster informal but informed debate about serious issues that touch all our lives: mental health, genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, the environment.

The Sci/Film strand has its own Facebook page with further information about past and future screenings and audio recordings of events:


BIMI and the School of Science presents: Sci/Film ADHD Screening: Charlie Bartlett, 2007

Sci/Film Screening: The Development of Gender

Sci/Film 7: Psychedelics and Altered States of Consciousness