Call for Submissions – Destinations deadline 1 March 2020 (ORE)



Destination – the word itself concerns both journey and journey’s end. For this issue of Oxford Research in English, we invite articles that delve into arrival and setting forth in literature, as well as the textual, intertextual and extratextual ways one can examine literary places and spaces. “Destination” derives from the Latin dēstināre—to resolve, to determine, to destine— before journeying into French and arriving in English.

Literary destinations are spatial as well as temporal, with memory and narrative being integral to how we make sense of where we are, and how we come to be. Destinations may be metaphysical or institutional, lieux de mémoire, or itinerant sites that emerge and vanish, in ways that illuminate literary production and interpretation. Texts travel through time: from mind to page, mind to mind, bookstand to bookshelf.

We are interested in submissions from any period or focus within literary studies and related fields that engage with the following topics:

  • Travel writing and journeys evoked in literature
  • Pilgrimage, predestination and fate
  • Temporality of memory and remembrance
  • Diaspora, nation and homeland
  • Circulation of texts, translation and reading across borders
  • Literary traditions genealogies, and the arrival of texts in canons
  • Literary networks and internationalisation
  • Theoretical approaches to readership and authorship – the text as performative site
  • Evolution of literary forms and genre conventions
  • The writer’s oeuvre as teleology, and analyses of an author’s early vs. late styles

Oxford Research in English (ORE) is currently seeking papers of 5-8,000 words for its eleventh issue, to be released in Autumn 2020. Please submit papers for consideration to by the deadline of 1st March 2020. We ask that submitted articles be formatted using MHRA.

For our style guide and previous issues of the ORE, please visit our website

Oxford Research in English (ORE) is an online journal for postgraduate and early career scholars in English, Film Studies, Creative Writing, and related disciplines. All submissions are peer-reviewed by current graduate students at, or associated with, the University of Oxford

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The Still Point Journal Issue 2 Launch Party – 25 Feb 2017

The Still Point Journal Issue 2 Launch Party, 25 Feb

We are excited to invite you to the launch party for the second issue of The Still Point Journal, The Researcher’s Notebook, featuring creative non-fiction, poetry and visual work, produced by researchers in London.

Join us for an evening of live readings and music at The Gallery Café, Bethnal Green, and pick up a free copy of the print edition. We have a limited number of copies to gift to our launch party attendees, so come along to adopt your own!

Date: Saturday 25th February

Time: 7:30-10:30pm

Place: The Gallery Cafe, 21 Old Ford Road, London, E2 9PJ

Join our Facebook event here for updates about the evening: 

For Issue 2 of The Still Point Journal, we asked contributors to imagine that their submissions are part of a collective Researcher’s Notebook in both a literal, and a broader, metaphorical sense. The issue explores the idea of the journal as a space for spontaneous discovery or self-creation.

The Researcher’s Notebook includes contributions from Bihter Almac, Isobel Atacus, Liz Bahs, Leonid Bilmes, Tianmei Chen, Chiara Raffaella Ciampa, George Clayton, Oline Eaton, Daniyal Farhani, Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari, Annegret Marten, Penny Newell, Charlotte Northall, Romy Nuttall, Jon Paterson, Stuart Ruel, Matthew Shaw, Lavinia Singer, and Ruth Tullis, and is designed by Becky Healey.

The Still Point is a literary journal for Arts and Humanities researchers from institutions across London: featuring poetry, prose and visual artwork, it is a space for storytelling about the research process. Generously supported by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP)/ Arts and Humanities Research Council.

We hope to see you there,

The Still Point Editorial Team x

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Opportunities for review writers for ‘Women: A Cultural Review’

Women: A Cultural Review

Dr Trudi Tate, the reviews editor of  is interested in hearing from PhD students who may be able to write occasional reviews for the journal.

Please contact her directly at

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CFP: JAWS Journal deadline 7th November 2016

JAWS, the Journal of Arts Writing by Students is the first publication of its kind in the UK, entirely written by, edited and peer reviewed by current students and first year graduates. They are primarily aimed at MA and MRes level but also welcome submissions from PhD and BA students.

The journal is published by Intellect Books and the journal’s team are currently seeking submissions for their forthcoming issue, the deadline for which is Monday 7th November 2016.  JAWS would love to invite writing and works from Birkbeck School of Arts students, especially as Dr Sophie Hope will be involved with writing the guest editorial.

Full guidelines for submissions can be found on the JAWS website 

The Call for Papers details are here.

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Call for Papers: The Still Point Journal Issue #2 – The Researcher’s Notebook, deadline extended 21 February 2016

Call for Submissions

The Still Point Journal Issue #2: The Researcher’s Notebook

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo’s notebook

Each [notebook] was a small landscape through which it was possible to wander, and within which it was possible to get lost. […] The notebooks, taken together, represented an accidental epic poem of [the writer’s] life, or perhaps a dendrological cross-section of his mind.

Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks

For Issue #2 of The Still Point Journal, we ask contributors to imagine that their submissions are part of a collective Researcher’s Notebook in both a literal, and a broader, metaphorical sense. We want to explore the idea of the journal as a space for spontaneous discovery, self-creation/autopoeisis; whether this be through pages from an actual notebook filled with doodles, mind-maps and beautiful scrawls, or pieces which explore the researcher’s thought-process and the genesis of an idea over time. Send us your works-in-progress, your unfinished ideas, or the thoughts you feverishly scribbled down in the middle of the night.

We invite submissions of non-fiction, short fiction, poetry and visual work in all forms. Responses can be as creative and as broad as you like, and we are particularly interested in seeing work which blurs the boundaries of form and genre.


The Still Point Journal is a literary journal for Arts and Humanities researchers in London, funded by the LAHP (London Arts & Humanities Partnership) and the AHRC. The Still Point aims to be a forum for dialogue, collaboration and experimentation, and offers a space for creatively writing through ideas in original forms.

‘The still point’ reflects our experience of being new researchers and represents those moments when we take time out of our days for deep thinking and reflection: when the world gets quiet but our minds are still racing. The journal’s particular focus is on non-fiction writing, related – however tangentially – to our research and the kind of rich thinking and exploration we do during the course of this research.


Submission Guidelines:

–         Non-fiction pieces should be between 1000 and 3000 words.
–         Short stories should be no more than 2000 words in length.
–         Please send between 1 and 3 poems.
–         For all visual submissions please send us a high quality digital file.


Deadline Extended: Please send any questions or submissions to by the 21st February 2016.

If you want to discuss an idea with us before you make a submission, please drop us a line: Contributors should be currently affiliated with a research institution, although we are also interested in hearing from artists, designers and illustrators who would like to collaborate with researchers on their pieces.


Blog Submissions

We accept submissions for the blog on a rolling basis, exploring any aspect of the experience of research (not restricted to the theme of the current or future journal). Ideally submissions will be no more than 500 words, but we may accept longer pieces.

Please send your ideas, questions, articles, images, or videos to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also follow us on Twitter @stillpointLDN, or find us online at  and on Facebook:

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