School of Law book events at Birkbeck in March

Friday 4 March 6pm: Talking Books: With Dogs at the Edge of Life

Book discussion hosted by Elena Loizidou, Talking Books: With Dogs at the Edge of Life on 4 March (with reception).   A mixture of memoir, case law and film study, Professor Colin Dayan’s unconventional book examines the relationship between human and canine “the inexhaustible world, at once tender and fierce, of dogs and humans.”

Thursday 17 March 6pm: Crowds and Party book launch
The book launch for Jodi Dean’s new book Crowds and Party hosted by Maria Aristodemou on 17 March.   Professor Dean argues that we need to rethink the collective subject of politics, considering how to channel the possibilities of “riotous crowds”.

Both events are free, but registration is required.  Click through on the links above for more information and to register.

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