CFP: Representing Gender in the North: 1945 to the present day – Deadline 3 April 2018

The University of Sheffield 23.5.18

Call for Papers

“When he saw this Tom was so full of himself that he had to share the pleasure with somebody, so he turned to a woman sitting across the aisle.

“There it is, missus.”

Surprised, the woman looked across him at him.

“You what, love?”

Tom nodded towards the panorama through the front window.

“The North.”

The woman looked, saw nothing, then observing that they were alone

thought it best to humour him.

“Yes, love. Very nice.”

And she stood up and went downstairs.”

Barry Hines, First Signs, (London: Michael Joseph, 1972), p.89

“Representing Gender in the North: 1945 to the present day” is a one-day conference which is to be held at the Humanities Research Institute, University of Sheffield on 23 May 2018.  The conference focuses on prose, poetry, film, theatre, and television.   Contributions are warmly welcomed from established scholars and post-graduate students alike.  We invite abstracts of 300 words (please send to  by 3 April 2018. Topics for discussion include but are not limited to the following:

Representations of gender in the town or in the country

Ethnicity in the North

Northern authorship

LGBTQ representations

The post-industrial

Displacement and/or the returning native


The teenager or the Bildungsroman


Dialect and gender

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