Birkbeck Medical Humanities Reading Group – 29th November 2018 3pm: Schizophrenia

The Birkbeck Medical Humanities Reading Group will meet on 29th November 2018, 15:00-16:30, in the Keynes Library, Birkbeck School of Arts, 43 Gordon Square, London, WC1H 0PD to consider work on the topic of schizophrenia. This session will be led by Dr Mohammed Rashed, ISSF Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow in Birkbeck’s Department of Philosophy, and the readings are as follows:

  • Colin King (2006) They diagnosed me a schizophrenic when I was just a Gemini. In ‘The other side of madness’. Reconceiving Schizophrenia. Edited by Man Cheung Chung, Bill Fulford, and George Graham (Oxford UP)
  • Angela Woods (2011) Schizophrenia, modernity, postmodernity. In Woods, The Sublime Object of Psychiatry: Schizophrenia in Clinical and Cultural Theory (Oxford UP)

The readings for each session are held in a shared Dropbox folder. If you need access, email (include your Dropbox-linked email address, if you have one).

Everyone is welcome at the reading group. There is no need to book.

The Birkbeck Medical Humanities Reading Group aims to create a space in which academics, clinicians and students can come together to explore key readings, ideas and materials in the field of medical humanities. Our endeavour is to find ways of talking across the different disciplines of the humanities and medicine, and we welcome participation from colleagues and students interested and engaged in these areas. For details of previous sessions, please click here.